January 2, 2017

New Year Near You

The new is full of promise and excitement. There is nothing more exciting that thinking of the promise and new hope the New Year brings. Through our hope and sense of renewal, we make New Year's resolutions for things to help improve ourselves -- to be better, thinner, or greater.

Usually 7 weeks into the new year, however, many have already broken their resolutions because the goals chosen to achieve were too broad or not well thought out. A resolution is no more than a goal, and a goal must be tangible, achievable, time sensible, and relevant. You should never attack a goal or resolution by just stating, "I want to lose weight."

Write down what you want to achieve and break it into smaller, attainable chunks. Give your goal a timeframe , state what you will do, specifically, during the timeframe to reach your goal. With this method, you won't be overwhelmed by the tasks, or disappointed if you don't quite hit your mark the first try. Yes, I said first try. Many great people have only succeeded with their goals after they have performed the steps leading to the completion of it over and over again.

So grab some paper and write down what you would like to achieve and then break those topics down into subtopics and steps you can take to achieve them. You will see that this method allows to get things down and sets you up for success.

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