October 30, 2013

Woman to Give Obese Children Letter instead of Halloween Treats

What would you say if you found a letter from one of your neighbors stating that she is not giving your child candy because he/she is obese?  Read on my dear readers, read on!

I truly found this to be insensitive.  This is just another way of #fatshaming and we all know that "ish" don't work.  I would say 99% of the people it is intended to "help" will never have that "aha" moment you intended, where they say, "you know what? I'm not gonna let my kid eat that."  This is just another type of anonymous bullying that does nothing, but provide validation to yet another insecure person who has to pick on a kid to find their meaning in life.

You know what, don't send me a letter -- come to my house and tell me that crap to my face and then wait for my response!  I will not stand by and allow anyone to use psychological bullying on anyone, especially a child.  If you don't want to give out candy, put it away, but don't take away from the meaning of the celebration because you want to have a cause that you believe.  And you have no right to point at anyone's child and say they are obese.  Mind your own business and keep that crap to yourself!

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