October 4, 2013

That AHA Moment!

When did you first have that "Aha!" moment when you knew it was time for you to take the plunge and really do something about your weight loss.  I got my wake-up call when I wanted to ride one of the rides here at Six Flags Atlanta, and I couldn't get my butt into the seat!  I was so humiliated, too!  I stood in line just like the millions of others only to be ultra embarrassed when it was my turn and I couldn't wiggle my ass into the chair.  Talk about someone ticked off.  

I sat down over the next couple of days and started to weigh the pros and cons and when the pros outweighed the cons, I began doing research about the various procedures and started my journey from that point. 

It's surprising what spurs us to make the final decision.  Please leave some feedback for me on my Facebook page, Twitter, or below in the comments box. 


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