September 12, 2013

Three Essential Tips for Success after Bariatric Surgery

Three Essential Tips for Success after Bariatric Surgery
By Katie Jay, MSW; Certified Wellness Coach
Director, National Association for Weight Loss Surgery
Here are three essential tips for success they learned at the retreat:
1) Get out of your comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable, you are growing; if you are comfortable, you could be living in old, unhealthy patterns. When you are growing, you are leaving behind the mindset that contributed to your obesity. You will be amazed at how your confidence rises as you push your limits.
2) Practice being conscious. There is a lot of talk about mindfulness these days. What it means is to stay
in the moment. Be present. Sometimes we eat to numb feelings or to self soothe. Choosing instead to be
present with our feelings takes practice. Try to be conscious, or focus on the present moment, for a short
time each day, say 5 minutes. Increase your "conscious" time as you get more accustomed to it.
3) Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Have fun. Remember the physical restrictions that applied to the old you? Pick an activity today that would have been difficult to do in the past. Stretch, ride a bike, go for a walk,
garden, sing! Whatever it is -- seize this moment in time and LIVE it.
Transforming your life requires getting out of your comfort zone, being aware of your experience in the
present moment, and transforming NOW (as opposed to when you get around to it, someday when you have the time).

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