September 2, 2013

Things You Learned at Camp

Chew, chew, chew your food gayly through the meal...the more you chew the less you'll eat, the better you will feel.  This was a camp song I learned a king time ago at Grotonwood Camp in Massachusetts.  It was good advice then just as it is good advice now and I never knew how important it really is.

Many people don't take the time to chew their food thoroughly and enjoy each bureau during a meal.  That means our food us often shoved in our mouths,  half chewed and then swallowed in large and indigestible pieces.  This us the mist easy way for a person to eat overeat because our brain hasn't caught you with our gut.  The brain needs 20 minutes to signal the body that it's full.  If you don't chew well enough, you eat too fast and end up with a tummy ache or unwanted pounds.

This is something I have to remember each time I take a bite.  If I overfill my pouch with big pieces if food, it can't handle it and I end up feeling bad org worse,  throwing the food back up.   After a few weeks of feeling like I'd swallowed lead, I let my surgeon know about my discomfort and he reminded me that I needed to chew my food.

How simple!  I went back home and started chewing a lot more carefully and it has mad such a difference.   Now, I don't have the stomach discomfort and I am really enjoying my meals a lot more. So my advice is to take the time to smell the roses, enjoy good conversation,  and chew your food so you can take advantage of its flavor and texture.


Atlanta WLS Diva

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