September 2, 2013

I Never Knew These Things Existed

This entry is a little off-topic.  I love writing, but I am nothing short of being a YouTube junkie.  I swear if I need help with some, there's a video on it.  Bake a cake -- there's a video.  Apply the best eyeliner ever -- there's a video.  Show off your skills for anime and drawing -- there's a video on how you can make a lot of new friends and money on it!  Seriously!!! Who knew???

My latest fixation with YouTube has been tummy tucks, scrapbooking, and all things Filofax.  People when I say there is a Filofax culture out there, there is a whole culture out there that I feel like I have missed.

Have I been under a rock or something that I didn't know about this group of people who have so much love for their Filofaxes that they "trick" them out, sticker them up, and take these would be boring planners to a whole new level.  And, to top it all off, there is a new rage in masking tape that is colorful!!!  Yes!!! Colorful!!! It's called "Washi" tape.  You can find it in a lot of different places like Michael's and Staples, but it really amps up your decorating skills when it comes to altering a Filofax.

So, I also learned there is a website and forum devoted to all the different sizes of Filofax, models,  and the out of decorating the pages to give them your personal touch.  Don't tell anyone, but there is also some type of "underground" where buyers and sellers get together and list what they want or what they want to sell, and it happens for them.  OK, not really and underground, but it was pretty cool that this site exists, don't you think.

The next time you want to find out about something, skip Google, and head over to YouTube and search for a tutorial.  Look up some filofax tuts, or even a makeup tutorial or two.  Have fun and learn something that catches your fancy.  Share your comments below and send your friends on over to have a look as well.  Do you think I should start a vlog?  Let me know and if we get enough response, I might take you up on jumping on the YouTube bandwagon.  The Diva could be vlogging!!!


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