September 19, 2013

Checking in with Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great day!  I wanted to check in to see how the week was going for everyone.  I am doing well, and my nerves are finally healing themselves from this outbreak of Shingles.  I wish that on no one!

Anyway, I always tell everyone I am always working on myself and looking for ways to be a happier and healthier me.  When I was home sick, it gave me lots of time to think about things I wanted to accomplish and goals that I wanted to complete by year end and long-term.  I remember when I was in college how obsessed I was with using a calendar to record all of my homework, projects, and social events.  The calendar was a 12x12 Ziggy calendar with large boxes in which to write reminders or events.  I wrote everything on that thing and I was never behind.

When I graduate college, I moved into a DayRunner, that I just loved.  It had the best planning pages where I could write lots of data, take notes, create events, keep up with my addresses -- it was awesome!  After using that for a few years, I decided to use the Franklin Covey system.  I tried a couple of different flavors of FC, but I never fully got with that planner because it was limited in how it was set up.  The pages were too klugey and included more of what Covey wanted me to achieve, than more of what I wanted to achieve.  And for the price, which is more important.  So I put down that planner after buying three different sized binders, pages, etc, and opted to use my Smartphone... that became a whole other headache.  I could never sync up anything between my calendars because of the disparate mail and calendar system used at my job.  I absolutely hate the mail and calendar system we have.  It is totally non-functional and doesn't play well with others!!  That too is another rant.

So back to while I was out.  I began reminiscing about my old DayRunner and what I really liked about it.  Then Filofax caught my attention.  That was like someone turned on a faucet.  Everywhere I looked there were people talking about their Filofaxes, decorating their Filofaxes, collecting new ones even if they had one previously, swapping them, etc.  There was a Filofax underground and I had to see what it was about.  I ended up buying a small one and I am very pleased with it.  I can write my thoughts in it. Recording events and to-do's are very easy, and I can even decorate the pages.  I moved in and made myself quite comfortable in my new Filofax.  Then I began to organize my thoughts, and began the process of organizing my home.  Boy, you talk about upsetting some people in my house!!!

To my amusement, folks in my house were very put out by my re-organizing the house the way I felt it should be organized, and cleaned thoroughly.  I also started doing some very important -- meal planning.  I should have been doing this for years now, but got away from it when my daughter left for college.  Planning out my weekly meals has saved me money AND, I have lost weight, to boot!  You would think my family would love my new organization, but I got comments like, "what's wrong with what we're doing now?"  and "I think you're going over-board with this cleaning stuff." or even this: "Oh, I think it's gonna snow!  You're cleaning!!"  Negative, negative, negative...tsk, tsk, and shame shame on them!

Each one of use in this community must embrace change in our lives and do our best to organize our lives and our surroundings the best we can according to our lifestyle.  My style helps me to remember to eat more healthfully, take my vitamins, and even walk a little more.  I think what ever I can do to make myself get up and do more is a great thing!  Please leave me some comments below!  Until next time, smooches!

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