January 18, 2012

Product Review -- Quest Protein Bars

A few weeks ago I was trolling for some new type of protein snack that I could through in my back and take with to work when a shake just wouldn't cut it. I'd heard Shelly, aka Eggface, mention Quest Protein Bars and because I enjoy her recommendations,  I quickly navigated to the Quest site and ordered up a sampler box of their protein bars.   

I received the bars a few days later (shipping was great!) and I was not disappointed by the taste!  I am your not-so-average chocaholic and anything cocoa flavored is my fav.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised by all of the flavor and yummy goodness these bars had.  The Apple Pie and Peanut Butter protein bars are to die for, but the Almond Vanilla bars are really great, too!  I didn't find one of those suckers that I didn't like.

The site touts their protein bars as having no alcohol sugars, gelatin, or soy protein -- and, they are gluten-free. Quest's prices are pretty decent and they do offer an autoship option similar to Amazon prime, if any of you would like to take advantage.  There is a small discount offered, as well.

Try the Quest Protein Bars and let me know what you think of them.  I give them two thumbs up, a hand-wave, and a smile!  I am in no way paid by them for my opinion.  I just thought my readers would enjoy a review and an honest opinion on new protein products on the market.  Thanks.


Yummy, fantabulous, creamy proteiny goodness!
The Bariatric Foodie has updated her blog with some great ways to spruce up the high protein, yet dreaded cottage cheese.  I, for one, love cottage cheese, but I can understand the loathing part for some people as it is not a smooth and creamy treat.  I love it nonetheless and wanted to share some of Nikki's ideas with all of you.  Head on over to Bariatric Foodie and check out the tips, tricks and recipes for her take on cottage cheese.  She has some great stuff on there for "micro-eaters"!  Check out and let me know what you think!