September 4, 2012

Post Iron Quest Update

Good Afternoon Divas and Divos!

I hope all of you are well and that you enjoyed your long holiday weekend. I am reporting that today is my first day back to work and while I am under a deluge of email, the days has progressed pretty well.  I also wanted to report my progress on exercise, vitamins, and eating.

I am back to the gym with full force and have revved up my cardio program.  I have to tell you what strides I have made and exactly how far I have come since last year.  I hadn't worked out for almost a full year since I didn't really I have the energy or strength, but since the transfusions, etc, I am proud to say I have been doing 45 minutes of the recumbent bike for about 15 miles and 35 minutes of brisk walking/running on the treadmill at 3.4/mph.  Saturday, I will have you know I did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine which was huge for me since the last time I tried that thing I could only withstand 5 minutes, and I was tired. But 25 minutes, OMG!!!  I was so elated with myself -- I was just giddy!  If I had everyone's Twitter account, they would've gotten a tweet about me on the elliptical!  So I was beside myself and I just felt so strong and full of accomplishment!

Sunday, was another story. I began the dreaded menstrual cycle and you would be amazed what a little iron and blood transfusion does for you.  Man, did I have some major cramps, body aches, pains, you name it.  I apologize to my Divos here, but I said I was going to update you on the progress and that includes the good, the bad, and the feminine!  So I am guessing that while my iron and hemoglobin were low, I wouldn't get the cramping, etc;  Now that I am back to full form, body look out!  I will not be deterred though. I will be back at the gym this evening to get my cardio in the mix.  I have to start incorporating some strength training too.  Do any of you know of any good workouts for arms, abs, and lower body? My lower body is very strong, but I need help on my core.  I was thinking of a trainer for a little while, but wanted to find out what others were using.

Please leave me some feedback about what you are doing to tone it up and keep it off.  I will give you more updates later this week.  I will also talk about my lack of appetite now, and the food aversions I have been having.  Keep the peace.


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