August 21, 2012

Life apres WLS - Addressing Happiness

In search of happiness!
Happiness, or the pursuit thereof, is one topic that gets much attention from the media, self-help gurus, and even Twitter Philosophers, such as myself!  I think a lot of people miss the boat on what happiness is and how to really achieve it, though.  From what I know, happiness, true happiness, is the joy you can get from seeing others happy.  It is the "aha!" moment that you have when you have finally figured out the solution to the riddle in your life.  It is the joy you feel when you have come out of darkness and into the new "light" in your life. 

So many of us perceive happiness, myself included, and I can only talk about this subject after having gone through it myself, as "stuff".  "Stuff", as in how much I can buy or how much I can eat, or how much I can hoard, or how frugal I can be.  Stuff in this universe gets piled up higher and higher, but it brings no more happiness to the recipient as another grain of sand on the beach.  So you should be asking, "where do I find happiness then"?

Happiness is not something that is outside of our reaches, but it is something that is within each of us. We are born with innate happiness, but we forget what it is like through our use of fear, worry, and sadness.  Our happiness is not dependent upon other people and how they see us, but rather on how we see ourselves.  Did that shock you, yet?  That right there took me forever to understand!  I don't depend on others to make me happy, but I make my own happiness right here and right now.

Start by deciding that you want to be happy and take great care to start to smile a little more.  If someone asks you how you're doing, you know they are only being polite, and they really don't want to know that you're drowning in bills, or that you really don't feel well.  All they want you to do is to acknowledge your being in their lives for that moment. 

Find some small way to make yourself happy like walking an extra lap, or finishing the project you've had overdue, or even giving the puppy a bath.  Or find happiness in helping someone else. Volunteer with the Girl Scouts, The Links, your sorority or fraternity, and do something for someone else.  Go out there and mentor someone.  Show someone else the goodness in your life through the works that you do.  It is through our works that we achieve true happiness.

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