August 17, 2012

Iron Quest Update

Not much going on today other than another iron transfusion. I swear when I have one of those things, I feel like a lead weight fell on my head. I feel two things immediately:  insatiable hunger, and an overwhelming urge to sleep right then and there. So much for energy right now.

The nurse had to use another vein in the opposite arm as she'd been sticking me in much the same spot. The other arm that usually has a monga vein, as I affectionately call it, hurt like I don't know what! I had to bear it though because nursey-kins started eying the veins in my forehand and I wasn't going for that!

So after the IV was set up and flowing, I chatted for a few minutes and then it was time to go.  My husband drove me down and after the transfusion we ran up to Alpharetta for a few minutes.  By the time we'd turned out of the parking lot, I was fast asleep.  I couldn't believe it.  He finished his errand and when we got home, I went straight for the bed.  As soon as I was getting into REM, my mom, who lives with us, opens the door to the bedroom, and I was immediately awakened.  I didn't get back to sleep after that.  That was literally a rude awakening.

She asked me if I was okay because I just came home and went to sleep.  I told her I needed to rest and that she woke me up by opening the door.  She has been doing this every day since I have been home.  Some days, I slept so soundly I didn't hear her enter, other days, she woke me up just as today.  I finally told her never to open my door if I was asleep.  I know this she does on purpose. She is one of those people who spoils everyone's fun if she isn't having fun.  She doesn't understand that I haven't been well.  She never does; she only understands when she is sick and why no one caters to her whims.

Nevertheless, I got out of bed, dressed, and went back out to do some light shopping.  Bought some new undies, and some necklaces as Charming Charlie's was having the "bomb" clearance sale.  I tried to eat something, but I wasn't hungry.  I settled for a cup of iced coffee and made my way back home after a long drive.  I found some cute things that will be a nice edition to my wardrobe.

So not much going on here, just chillaxin' and trying to figure out what to do this weekend. I had the urge to take the dog and my son out for a long walk tomorrow morning.  If it doesn't rain in the AM, I will let you know what I decide. Something exciting has to be out there for me to get into an doggone it, I'm gonna find it!


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