August 10, 2012

I'm Not Popeye, But I Have Lots of Iron in Me!

I had my first of five iron transfusions today.  I tell you it was an interesting experience since when you get infused at an oncologist's office, you're there in a room with many other people whose outlook are more grave than yours.  I am so grateful that I have this chance to turn my health around.

My experience began this morning with being hooked up to an IV where a bag of iron was hung on the infuser.  It didn't take the nurse too long to find a good vein either.  This was a great thing because I had just explained to her how hard it was to find my veins and how much of a wuss I am.  We were both glad to land on that huge, whopper vein in the fold of my arm... although she was eying one in my hand.  I had to tell her THAT wasn't happening.  I'm tired of the whole human pin cushion thing this week, but I digress.

The liquid hung on the infuser was as brown as chocolate and I wish I could tell you that it tasted as as luscious as deep, dark chocolate, but alas, the iron was unflavored to my knowledge.  So drip, drip, drip went the iron, and I sat quietly, ignoring the process, lost in my own space.

The iron drip lasted about 30 minutes, during which time, I played on my iPad, reading my mail, and watching new makeup videos from my favorite YouTube makeup gurus.  Shout out to Namaisa Hunswijk from Holland!  She's one of my favorite YouTube gurus because she knows her stuff and keeps it real.

The alarm sounded, another nurse hurried back over to me, unhooked me, bandaged me up, and I was on my way home.  She gave me a few disclaimers and symptoms of the iron, headache, and maybe allergic reaction, and said that my bone marrow may take two weeks to grab the iron and start producing more on its own.  Until then I would continue to feel tired.  When I left the doctor's office, I really did start to feel tired and quite flush a few hours later. I rested the remainder of the day and just kind of chilled out with my daughter.

I'll be sure to update you more this coming week.  I still have five more days of iron therapy.  Let me some good thoughts and feedback.  Smooches!

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