August 24, 2012

Back to Le Grinde!

I am counting down my last days of freedom leave and I will return to work after Labor Day.  While the circumstances behind my exodus from the work world really sucked, it gave me a lot of perspective on my life and things in general.

What I have decided is I will continue to pursue higher education for my future and I will be looking into starting Grad school within the next few months. I am studying to complete my PMP certification and I will pass that darn test soon.  I will no longer allow others to interrupt my flow, my game, or as Emperor Cuzco called it my "Groove".  I am important if to no one else other than me and I matter!  I choose to be happy and I will not compromise my happiness for other people.

I have been kicking around some other ideas in my head that relate to some of the passions I dropped.  I want to start sewing again so I will break out the old sewing machine and get busy with the needle and thread.  I also love to cook!  I especially love food with flavors and spices.  I am a Diva and Divas don't like the mundane so my cooking incorporates flavor and fusion.  I love to create meals that come from the cuisine of other countries like India, and the Caribbean, so I will be looking to create healthy meals and recipes for the family that blend fusion with flavor.  I will also be looking into taking a class in painting as I love working with color and I will get back to my scrapbooking and photography habit.  Lastly, I will be back in the gym 4-5 days a week with my newly found energy. I would appreciate your encourage on that part -- go Faith, go!!  Go!  Go!! Go!!!  Throw me some pom pons over her!

One idea that has stuck out in my mind for years and I never acted on it because I never thought I knew how or never had the resources is to start my own line of clothing.  I think Big Girls and Boys are still under-represented in their selection of clothing.  Clothes are either really expensive or really cheap looking and they don't often fit correctly.  Then, there are those clothes that just because they come in your size, you really shouldn't wear them!  You know who you are!  I think we need to start with a line of basics including underwear, shoes, and ready-to-wear garments.  Next, there needs to be a line of suits specifically for the plus size woman.  When I go shopping, I rarely see suits in some of the plus size chain stores.  Plus size woman need suits!  We go on job interviews and dress up too, ya'll!  I look dayum good in a suit!  I think all of these needs could be met by me, I want to find the right people and designers and put everything together.

If you have any ideas or leads for me, please email me at  I would love to speak with you.  Leave a comment if you are interested in encouraging me.  I think we should do a Diva Challenge and get all of the divas/divos together to commit to a weightloss/exercise challenge.  I am going to think about it, and I will announce the challenge next week.  Stay tuned, my lovelies, for more news!


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