August 9, 2012

Atlanta WLS Diva Medical Alert!
So my last post, I asked all of you when you last had your blood drawn.  Blood tests should be a part of the standard routine for any post WLS patient, and I know this.  I guess I thought that if I felt okay then I would BE okay.  Things didn't work out in quite that manner.

I developed Bronchitis about two weeks ago and since I had yet to have any blood work done after my 2010 surgery, I figured I'd have the Bariatric work up to include iron, protein, B-12, calcium, etc.  my doctor said I should get I letter in a couple of days. What I got was a phone call that quickly hurled me into oncoming traffic without anti-lock brakes, seat belt, helmet, or any other safety device.

Two days after my blood work, I got a call from the doctor's nurse saying my "level's" were low and that I needed to "get ME to a GI doctor right away!" So I went to my Bariatric surgeon who took one look at my hemoglobin, and told me I had to have a blood transfusion !  All I did was just shake my head in disbelief.  I found myself checked-into the hospital within the hour where I received 4 units of blood.

You see, the average hemoglobin   is 12--  mine was 5.2. I really let myself get very unhealthy by not taking care of and paying attention to my health. I choose to be healthy, so it is up to me and my team of doctors to get me back on track to health and continued wholeness.

I am going through some procedures now to determine why I am so anemic, but I will continue to post my progress for all of you.  Meanwhile, I am taking iron and will receive several rounds of transfused iron, as well.  

Stay tuned and leave me some well wishes and positive feedback!


Atlanta WLS Diva

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