May 13, 2012

What's Up with Me?

What's up with this Diva has been work, work, and more work.  Balance is something eluding me, but I swear, I am going to find that she-devil and I am gonna work it out!  I am steadily maintaining my weightloss, but still fighting to get in my protein and water. 

I told a lady at the gym that I had a hard time trying to drink a lot of water and she gave me this, "yeah, right" look.  So I called her on it and I said, "you gave me this look like you don't believe I have trouble getting in eight glasses of water of day"?  She said, "well, yeah, you shouldn't have any trouble".  I had to explain to her that my stomach was the size of a medium-sized banana because I had surgery for weightloss.  A light bulb suddenly went off in her head and we were both on the same sheet of music at that point.  She could now understand my dilemma, and suggest a smaller water bottle or even a straw -- music to my ears!  Why hadn't I thought of an even smaller water bottle so as to not make the task of drinking all of that water so mundane or daunting.  I swear I make my own battles.

Tried the smaller bottle and that works well to trick your body into thinking that it has to take in yet another huge ounce of water from a big jug!  I love the little things that I can learn from other people.

Now, I am going to master the art of meditation!  Are any of you divas out there in diva-land into meditation or even prayer to center yourselves?  If you are or know of someone who practices, please leave me some feedback and let me know how they began and how they keep the motivation.  I wold love to hear from all of you.  Leave me some love!

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