May 13, 2012

I Am Passionate

Indian Cuisine
I have found that the more the cook, the more I love to cook, and that one of true passions is cooking.  I don't necessarily cook from recipes, and mind you, I don't bake because it is too precise.  I just love cooking fast, and easy, tasty meals.  I love the chopping, and the grating, and the marinating of the meats or veggies and just seeing what I concoct for the days meal.

I've been doing a lot of Caribbean and Southern Indian cooking for the past couple of months because I have been on a veggie kick.  There is nothing like a good curry to spice up your veggies, literally.  Although, I can't take the full heat, I find that just a pinch is just fine for me.  I've been eating a lot of cucumbers, cauliflower, squash, tomatoes, okra, and eggplant and have found some great recipes like Aloo Gobi, or cauliflower and potatoes, or Daal Fry are just fabulous.

The recipes for curries are rich in heritage, culture, and many of the even the most simple recipes for beans, or Dal, are chocked full of flavor or protein.  I cannot recommend trying something new in your repetoire if you feel your Weight-Loss friendly meals have become bland or boring.  There is nothing like a new spice or herb to take your dishes to the next level.  Step out of boring kitchen and into a whole new world of cooking!

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