August 20, 2011

Dining out Tips While Traveling

The last few weeks I've been traveling for work, and I have found it challenging finding good food choices.  While traveling you find your typical American food choices with huge servings and lots of calories.  The carbs and fat is just ridiculous.  Seldom do you find any type of bariatric delight!

So my advice is if you can, stock up on your favorite snacks before you leave.  Mine tend to be tiny cucumbers, carrots, roasted almonds, and protein powder . Taking a blender bottle is very handy, as well.   I also make sure I get in a trip to Trader Joe's to get my little brie cheese wheels, and Greek yogurt, too.

If I am driving, I make myself a protein shake so I can make sure I make good choices while on the road.  There are too many places on the road and I don't want to be tempted.  I may get my coffee, but I will not be making visits to the Golden Arches, or any other fast food place.

Once I am at my destination, I always make sure to hit the grocery store again for water, fruit, veggies, and any other snacks I think I may want to eat.  Eating out is one of the last things on my mind and now that I don't have the appetite I used to have, I think of other things I want to do.  I tend to forgo the free breakfast they usually have in the hotel, and eat half of a yogurt and drink some of a protein shake.  I make sure I have my water, veggies, yogurt, and snacks for the day, and I am ready to tackle the workday.

I find myself grazing on the veggies throughout the day,  and I'll eat one mini brie and maybe a half of a handful of almonds.  This is something that really works for me since I often feel snacky but don't want to consume empty calories.

For dinner out of town, I typically get some type of fish dish with steamed veggies.  I always get crazy looks when I only eat three bites of it and ask for a box.  When dining out of town though, it's not always prudent to get the box, so I leave the food on my plate.  This is something I am totally not used to since I was raised as a part of the "clean your plate" club.  I struggle with what I believe is wasting food, but then I remember the portions are really huge anyway.

I don't drink anything except water and coffee these days, so I never get any other beverages other than good ol' H2O.

I hope that you may find some of my tips to be helpful on your journey.  Please leave some feedback below and let me know what you are doing for dining out options while traveling.