July 12, 2011

DIVA-Tude Tuesday!
Hello all of my Divas and "Divos"! 

I hope all of you are well.  I've been slammed with work over the past couple of weeks, but I wanted to share something cool with you on this "DIVA-Tude Tuesday"!  I was plowing through my closet the other day trying to find something that actually fit and didn't fall to the floor, hang off my shoulder, sag at the waist, or sag in the butt.  I can tell you that I have very few things to wear as almost all of my old clothes are in the donate pile.  I haven't gotten around to catalog them, but I digress.  Anyway... while looking through my clothes, I noticed one of my mom's old dresses in the closet and it is a size 16.  I thought to myself that she must have left it in there because she'd lost weight and couldn't wear it, and she knew that eventually I would get to that size.  I really haven't been weighing or measuring myself, but I did notice my clothes continue to get bigger.  So I took the plunge and said "what the heck!" and I tried on the dress.

I want all of you to guess WHO fit into a size 16 dress!  I was so ecstatic!  I modeled the dress for my husband who smiled sheepishly and said that it was "great".  I modeled the dress "catwalk" style for my daughter, the Mini Diva, who gave me a grande "high five" and "w00t"!  Then... I modeled the dress for my mom.  She looked at me strangely and asked where I got the dress and I explained that it was across a hangar in my closet; I thought she'd left it for ME.  "I was wondering where that thing went!" she said.  The dress wasn't FOR me, but boy it sure did FIT ME!!!!!  She then said she was gonna hide the rest of her good clothes because I was all set to get to them and have a party trying them on!

I am so psyched about this news!  Any of you who have lost a lot of weight or have been struggling to get off those extra pounds that just won't budge can appreciate this kind of news.  Truth be told, I don't ever remember being a size 16!  I was probably a size 16 when I was in 5th or 6th grade.  It feels good to have reached this milestone, and I wanted to share this with my followers and hope that if you have yet to reach a milestone like this, hang in there!  Your time to shine will soon come!

Please be sure to leave me some feedback!  I'm still plugging away to get my protein and water in every single day.  It is still very hard.  I can still only eat about 1/2 cup of food before I reach my limit.  Let me know how you're doing and what you are doing to get what you need AND... tell me what you are doing to express YOUR inner DIVA!