July 1, 2011

Haven't Forgotten about All of You!

Hi Divas!

I apologize for not posting lately.  I have had a lot of extra duties at work and felt like I was neglecting my family.  So I took a little time off to tend to mi familia, and to come up with some new topics for this blog.

What I decided to do was to describe the various phases of my weight loss journey from what prompted me to seek weight loss surgery, to the actual surgery, and post-op weightloss matters.  My hubby also thought it would be good to describe my thoughts about my VSG and the pain or lack of pain.

So, hang tight my lovely Diva's and Divo-dudes!  I will be back with new posts and more insight to share on my journey to VSG and beyond... kind of like "Buz Lightyear's" to Infinity and beyond!