May 10, 2011

DIVA-Tude Tuesday

It's DIVA-tude Tuesday again!!!  How are you expressing your "inner Diva"?  I am plugging away at loosing this weight!  I have lost 86 pounds so far, and can't weight until I hit the century mark.  I also cannot wait to get to "one-der land". 

Are any of you working on reaching "one-der land"?  Tell my fans about your successes and challenges.  Also give us any tips or suggestions you may have to reach this awesome goal.  Thanks and I look forward to reading your responses!

Happy DIVA-day!!

Good Fat...Bad Fat... Are All Fats Created Equal

This is a pretty informative article about the different types of fat that we carry around on our bodies.  Depending on the type and color, we may be more at risk for heart disease and stroke.  Please read and let me know what you think about all of the colors of the fat in our bodies.  Click here for the entire story. 

Thanks for sharing!