April 8, 2011

Brown Bagging It for Lunch

It has been stressful at work over the past couple of weeks with meetings on top of meetings, training, and more meetings.  I rarely go out for lunch with my co-workers since we are all across the country, so I bring a bag of WLS friendly goodies to have on hand.  I notice that I tend to eat several small meals now, rather than three large ones.  Each of us on this journey is different and you have to find what works best for you.

April 7, 2011

CLICK! Springtime Giveaway a la Eggface!

It's spring time my fellow divas, and it's time for a giveaway!  Head on over to my girl, Shelly's blog, The World According to Eggface, and get CLICK!'n.  She is giving away one container of All Natural CLICK! Mocha and All Natural CLICK! Vanilla Latte, a beautiful basket, and a CLICK! bling hat!!!

Shelly has a collection of the best protein recipes I have seen anywhere so be sure to grab your CLICK!, your blender, and your imagination, and check out the shake recipes on her site.  You will not be disappointed!  Go over to her site and leave a comment, Facebook, or Tweet about the giveaway and you'll be entered -- each method gives you an additional entry. 

Let me know if you enter, you never know if you'll be the lucky winner!!!

Go forth and get CLICK!'n!!!!!

April 6, 2011

Another Reason to Get Fit and Trim

Good article from "Health Goes Strong" about the stigma of being obese and how people from other countries view it as a vice.  I know we are big and beautiful, but that is now how people from other countries view it.  From their perspective, "Fat People" are seen as lazy, poor performers, and apathetic.  This just doesn't apply to all of us and I don't like the blank application of these terms for everyone who has a problem with their weight.  If it was as easy as just "pushing away from the table" or to just stop eating 60% of Americans wouldn't be overweight.  34% of the population wouldn't be obese and 2.9% would not be morbidly obese. 

Please check out the article here and please post your feedback below.  I want to hear from you!!