March 25, 2011

How Do You Get Your Workout On?

I've been working primarily on cardio and burning fat to shed pounds.  I recently added crunches for abs, and will start strength training next month.  What are you doing to tone up, and get fit after WLS?  Please post your thoughts, comments, ideas, and fitness fun!

Rollercoaster Ride Inspires Weightloss

If you have EVER felt like this, then this story is for you.  This happened to me when I took my daughter and here GS troop to Six Flags over GA, and my narrow behind couldn't even fit the seat!  I was so sad and outdone.  Now that I'm down 80lbs, I can't wait to get back to Six Flags so I can show those rides what a real diva does when she puts her mind to it.

Here is the story

March 22, 2011

DIVA-tude Tuesday

Today is another DIVA-tude Tuesday!  It was a beautiful day in the ATL, pollen and all.  I actually had time during the day to think about some things I wanted to accomplish.  I'm currently studying for the GMAT since I want to apply to one of the business schools down here to get my MBA.  I haven't quite decided on the program, but it would be nice to attend the one closest to my home.  Math has not been my strong suit, so I have been working on my aptitude, formulas, calculations, and problem solving.  What I still don't get is the Data Sufficiency section.  The test gives you two choices, and you must decide if the data given to you is enough to solve the problem.  I don't remember that section in college Algebra or calculus... or even in Logic for that matter.

March 20, 2011

Great Buy on Acid Reducer

My fellow sleevers,

If you are still experiencing acid reflux and would like to find some acid reducer at a discount, check out this hot buy at  I was searching for a Prilosec coupon and came across a link for 33% and thought it was pretty good.  I noticed it was Amazon and since I'm a Prime Member, at least my shipping would be free.  This link was 33% off of a 42 count box, so I thought, "Let me look at the 24 count box." Lo' and behold!  The 24 count box of Prilosec was $10.54  or a savings of 59%.  So I bought 3 and got free shipping.  I love a good deal and I am passing it on to you.  Check out for the deal.  Click here! Click the 24 count.  Sign up for a 3 month trial of Amazon Prime to get free 3 day shipping.  You can cancel anytime, but it really pays for itself! 

Let me know if you found this helpful!  I love to pass on a good deal to my friends.