February 24, 2011

Too Big for Transplant Even after Prison Release

I found this article on CNN about the two women released from prison to allow for a kidney transplant. It seems that one sister's size is playing a major factor in their freedom as she must drop 100 pounds in order for her to donate a kidney to her sister. Her doctors won't even begin the testing for the kidney's compatibility to her sister until she has experienced some substantial weight loss. Here is the link. I wonder how this will impact the conditions of their release from prison. Also note that her doctors are considering Lap Banding for the donor as a way to loose the weight relatively quickly

February 22, 2011

It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watchin' Meeeeeee...

As of late, more and more people are taking a double-take when they see me. They often shake their heads in almost disbelief and usually they will say something like, "wow, YOU have really lost some weight~" I am just beginning to become accustomed to the new complements. Although people see a new me, I still see the same person, just in smaller clothes... or in bigger clothes, depending on the day.

I am enjoying this new found attention, but have yet to adjust to my new "skin". Body image has long been something with which I have struggled consistently. So while I smile sheepishly from the nice and encouraging words, parts of my brain don't know how to accept the positive comments. How do you go about changing the self-talk that was learned 45 years ago?

I recognize that I am a work in progress and that I must accept myself in the skin that I am in because it's all I've got. Let me know what you've been struggling with in your weightloss journey. Please leave your comments below.