August 24, 2011

Combating the Freshman 15 a la Hungry Girl!

I just received the daily newsletter from "Hungry Girl", and if you don't get it, I would like to share the tips she's provided for combating those 15 extra pounds we tend to get stuck with when starting college.  Please read below and also subscribe to her website for tips and tricks for keeping off the pounds and making the right choices post WLS.  Also, and I"m sorry for the shameless plug, BUT... check out the "Hungry Girl" show on the Food Network!!!   Here's her post.

Congrats on heading off to college! As far as snacking goes, vending machines and late-night studying can lead to some not-so-smart food decisions. But don't worry. I've got a little study guide for guilt-free dorm-room snacking...
Protein-Packed Picks - Stock up on snack bars with lots of protein and fiber -- these are hunger-fighting machines. I love Larabars, KIND bars, and Luna bars. Mini Babybel Light (those red-wax-encased cheeses) and light string cheese are great on the go, and they're perfect for mini fridges. Fat-free Greek yogurt in individual containers is another smart fridge stocker. And jerky is a great, go-anywhere, protein-loaded snack food.

Produce Power - Make a habit of stashing fruit -- like pears, bananas, and plums -- in your dorm room. My absolute favorite snack is a Fuji apple -- crisp, slightly sweet, and great on the go. Cut veggies are a perfect way to put that mini fridge to use -- I love baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, and jicama sticks. Great when you need to do some quantity crunching. And keep a jar of salsa on hand for dipping!

Sweet Spot - Avoid candy bars from the vending machines! If you find yourself craving something sweet, stick with hard candies, like lollipops and Jolly Ranchers. They take a while to eat, so you're less likely to go overboard with them. And they're typically fat-free and low in calories.

Whatever you do, don't wait until you're super-hungry to eat. If you do, you'll be more likely to eat whatever you can get your hands on (pizza, chips, whatever). So keep that mini fridge stocked at all times with smart snacks. And have an awesome time at college, smarty-pants!

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