April 2, 2011

Up My Sleeve -- In My Pouch

I did my trek to Trader Joe's today for supplies.  I snagged the snack-sized individual Brie Cheese (Thanks Eggface!), some of their fabulous Greek Yogurt, and some large  New England Scallops from the freezer section.  I did notice they carried the Japanese kind, but I thought... nah!!!!

When I got my booty home -- and I'm talking treasure here (work with me!) -- I started prepping the scallops.  I took three of those puppies out, thawed them, and sprinkled them lightly with Kosher salt, and seasoned pepper.  I got out my trusty Rachel Ray sautee pan, added a dab of canola oil, and cranked up the heat.  While the pan was heating, I started steaming some Edamame, and peeled and chopped a pickling cucumber.  Once the pan smoked a little, I added the scallops, just browning each side until they were about "medium".  You don't want to overcook scallops -- you'll end up with rubber balls.

I plated up my scallops, cucumbers, and Edamame on my salad plate and dug in with my fork.  The scallops were moist and tender, and 3 scallops have about 100 calories and 9 grams of protein.  They went well with the cucumbers and edamame. 

What have you created lately that you would share with the readers?  Post it here!

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