April 23, 2011

Contemplating a New Look

Hey Diva Fans!

I've been busy with work and just spent the longest week in a training class.  The class's content was really good, however the teaching style was horrible.  And there was too much content shoved into one week; it really should have been a two week class.
So I've been doing research on make-up and hair, and you know I can't stay out of the stores.  With all that said, I've contemplating a new look for the new me.  I want to start with my hair.  I already color my hair so I am going to keep the processing to a minimum.  I'm African American and I relax my hair and since I'm an "Old BAP", to boot, I color my hair.  With all of that processing going on and the fact that I had weight loss surgery, and haven't been getting all of the protein I need every single day, my hair has thinned out significantly.  I don't have any bald, praise G-d, but I do see a few thin spots here and there.

I've decided to forgo the relaxer for a while and try some natural methods of deep conditioning, hair steaming, protein and keratin treatments.  I'll keep my tresses trimmed up to minimize the split ends and get my hair back on the path to healthiness and shine.  Then... I want to cut my brunette locks in exchange for something flirty and fun.  I've been toying with the idea of a "bob" where the hair will be blunt cut toward the front of my face to accentuate and flatter the fullness of my face.  The back will be layered to the extreme with a process I call "stacking" where the layers are very short and create more volume in the back as the layers progress.

Next, I'm rethinking my makeup palette, and I just have to tell you that Youtube is a wonderful place!  There are so many younger divas out there making there way, and giving makeup tutorials via video!  I've learned some really cool techniques in just the past few days, and I have to tell you, I've been doing some type of professional make-up for eons!  It's never to late to learn something new though!  Did I tell you about my ice coffee escapades???  Oh hon', let me tell you about my love affair with Starbucks Via Ice Coffee... sorry, I digress.

So, I'm going for more nude looks in the blush and lipstick arena.  I'm still looking for the perfect pink lipstick though... maybe I can have a contest for the perfect lipstick?? The Diva who can help me find the most perfect shade will win some make-up brushes from Crown makeup Brushes.  I think that sounds great!  I'll post the rules based upon your feedback, and we'll see where we go from there.

Lastly, in my quest for the ultimate in DIVA-Tude will be to recreate my wardrobe using a really fun and sassy approach.  I really love classic looks from like Talbots and Ann Taylor, but I've been stuck in the fat stores for so long, I have really warped my sense of fashion.  I want to try some new patterns and go with some bolder looks.  My body is changing, and I am now willing to take some risks with my wardrobe.  And since I have lost 83 lbs (thank you very much!) I feel like it is worth taking a little risk because I now have the confidence to pull it off.!

So over the next few weeks, or days depending on how bloggy I feel, I will start posting some new hair looks and clothing styles for my fellow divas to view.  I'll show all different types of things from affordable, to stuff that is just "out there" but looks chic.  You "weigh in" and tell me thumbs up or thumbs down.  I'll also post some photos of me.  You may not have a point of reference for before the surgery so, I'll have to dig up some pre-op photo ops, too!  I'll also find some sample hairstyles, make-up, and seal up the deal with the contest.  I will definitely let you know, but you have to give me some feedback.  Tell your girls to follow me!  The brush set is a really high-quality sable professional makeup artist set.  Send me some followers, and we'll get the party started!

Until then, have a fabulous weekend and keep expressing YOUR inner diva!  Smooches!  Credits to the The Doll Palace for using their doll diva image!  Check out their website for more images and give them some love, too!.

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