March 20, 2011

Great Buy on Acid Reducer

My fellow sleevers,

If you are still experiencing acid reflux and would like to find some acid reducer at a discount, check out this hot buy at  I was searching for a Prilosec coupon and came across a link for 33% and thought it was pretty good.  I noticed it was Amazon and since I'm a Prime Member, at least my shipping would be free.  This link was 33% off of a 42 count box, so I thought, "Let me look at the 24 count box." Lo' and behold!  The 24 count box of Prilosec was $10.54  or a savings of 59%.  So I bought 3 and got free shipping.  I love a good deal and I am passing it on to you.  Check out for the deal.  Click here! Click the 24 count.  Sign up for a 3 month trial of Amazon Prime to get free 3 day shipping.  You can cancel anytime, but it really pays for itself! 

Let me know if you found this helpful!  I love to pass on a good deal to my friends.

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