March 29, 2011

DIVA-Tude Tuesday

Once again, it is DIVA-tude Tuesday! How are you expressing your inner Diva? This week I really went out of my comfort zone at work and decided to take a more managerial role for on my team, and it was not unnoticed! My boss complimented me on my initiative and said that the processes I was initiating were creative. He was also impressed that I was implementing changes to make things smoother and more efficient in taking on new projects I think that six months ago, I did not exude the confidence I have now. I owe my new found sense of "self" to my decision to have WLS and my fortitude to not give up on myself or my goals! Please post comments and let me know what YOU are doing on this DIVA-tude Tuesday. Shouts out to "eggface" and "melting mama" who are representing in the OAC summit in NYC! They are really expressing DIVA-tude! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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