March 22, 2011

DIVA-tude Tuesday

Today is another DIVA-tude Tuesday!  It was a beautiful day in the ATL, pollen and all.  I actually had time during the day to think about some things I wanted to accomplish.  I'm currently studying for the GMAT since I want to apply to one of the business schools down here to get my MBA.  I haven't quite decided on the program, but it would be nice to attend the one closest to my home.  Math has not been my strong suit, so I have been working on my aptitude, formulas, calculations, and problem solving.  What I still don't get is the Data Sufficiency section.  The test gives you two choices, and you must decide if the data given to you is enough to solve the problem.  I don't remember that section in college Algebra or calculus... or even in Logic for that matter.

Next, I've been dreaming up all of these fabulous recipes that I would like to make.  I was poking around the freezer on Sunday and found the skirt steak I bought about a month ago.  It had a great recipe for a rub, so I whipped that up, and popped the steak in the broiler.  I broiled it about 8 minutes on one side and 6 minutes on the other or until it had a nice char on top with a medium rare center.  I had some broccoli florets on the side that I smuggled from my son.  I sliced the steak very thinly -- almost shaving it -- against the grain, and served it with the broccoli.  The taste was amazing.  It wasn't too salty as some rubs can be.  The meat itself was uber tender and just melted in my mouth.

So now I have to find a nice recipe for center cut pork chops.  Thoughts?

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