February 15, 2011

Self Care Is Important in Weight Loss, too!

I have always been a natural conflict avoider. "Hi, I'm Faith, and I avoid conflict at all costs. Hi, Faith!" You say fight, and I say "flight"! Flight from conflict or trying to prevent conflict has been my mantra for years. I have always been afraid of confrontation as far back as I can remember and to this day, I still have a hard time confronting people. I ran across a really nice blog that talks about women's self-care and specifically about standing up to conflict. Even in WLS, we must stand up to the conflict within us and with our families in order to get the best experience and achieve the best results from surgery.

Take some time to read this blog and then take the "Self-Care Challenge" for yourself. Don't forget to add the button from the blog to your site if you want your followers to know you're participating. Click here for more information.

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