February 8, 2011

Just Say No - Girl Scout Cookies

I was a Girl Scout leader for over 11 years and have "sampled" my share of cookies. My favs have to be Thin Mints, but the All Abouts are a close second! Trying to find items to fill the void is hard, so Shelly of Eggface fame has created some new luscious protein drinks that are WLS friendly and something that Juliette Gordon Lowe would be proud. So instead of succumbing to the, "would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies" from those adorable little girls, donate that money to the girls. Then go home, break out your blender and your best protein powder, and march right over to Shelly's Eggface blog to try out some of the delicious protein drinks reminiscent of Girl Scout cookies! Yumm... I'm headed over to Amazon to buy more Torani SF syrups.

Now, you over there with the cookie in your mouth! Yes, you! Drop and give me twenty! And don't you dare download that Girl Scout cookie app for your smartphone... it's just wrong!


  1. My cousin has sent me like 4 emails . . . to buy from her daughter. I know I can donate the money back but it seems so wrong to even include me in the mass email.

    I'll have to try the recipe.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout. Hope you enjoy them!