February 1, 2011

DIVA-tude Tuesdays

I have been thinking of new ways to bring new readers to my blog and to make my blog more "sticky".  I would like to take the opportunity to feature posts from my reader's every Tuesday about what gives you DIVA-tude.  For me being a "Diva" doesn't mean being difficult or over-the-top.  I'm a Diva because I know what I want, and when I decide I want something, I go after it with verve.  I have never been a person to sit around and wait for things to happen to me, but I have always made my own way by making things happen "for me".  I'm a Diva without an attitude, but with a flare, a DIVA-tude!  Let's link up below and tell me about your "DIVA-tude".


  1. I wanted to say Hi to a fellow WLS-er! I saw your blog linked up at Minx designs while looking for a new blog design. Anyway, I had WLS in February of 2008. I just recently posted a 3 year update post on my blog. Nice to meet you and good luck in your journey!