February 9, 2011

Depression - Jousting with My Demons

I've talked a little about my battle with depression and tonight, I saw this poem on acraftykindoftruffle.blogspot.com and thought I would share this with all of you.

I'm a daughter hiding my depression.
I'm a sister making a good impression.
I'm a mother trying not to let it show.
I'm a wife but the pain I cannot let go.
I'm the woman sitting next to you.
I'm the one asking for help from you.
I'm your best friend hoping you'll be there.
I think I'm sure I know you care.

Depression haunts so many of us and you never realize that we are all around you.  Depression is pervasive.  It touches so many, yet there are so few of us who would admit to allowing it to consume us.  Look around you as you re-read this poem or think of the words in the stanza.  Who do you see?  

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