January 18, 2011

Smoothing Things Out

I'm still losing weight and down 67 lbs! I have been looking at some different undergarments that would smooth out my tummy and sides without the torture of wearing a girdle. My mom has probably been trying to get me to wear a girdle since I was 10 years old. Can you imagine someone trying to persuade a child to wear a girdle??? Come on!!! So I have battled with my weight and my aversion to corsetry torture devices until now.

While shopping at Walmart with my hubby on Sunday, I looked at the intimate apparel and I saw something that excited me. It was not the cone-shaped, bullet bra with all of the hooks. Neither was it too short in the crotch or too short for a longer torso. It was a "smoothing" cami, in flesh toned colors, and it WAS perfect! I snapped up two of those puppie and when I put one on, I didn't feel restricted whatsoever. It is soft, yet strong. The smoothing cami is "Sweet Nothings", and cost around $15. It is long where you can tuck in in your pants, but if you have a long torso, like me, you'll love that it covers the stomach and the hips! I have to say it is very flattering, too! If your looking for a reasonably priced smoother, check out the local Wally World. The Diva would never steer you wrong!  p.s. sizes small to 2XL!!!