January 11, 2011

*** Overweight, but Working on It *** - Updated!!!

I was reading another blog and come across a blog from a young lady, called, "Single Mom Says". It is the adventures of a Single Mom vs. The World. Even in WLS, we all feel we are opposing the world in our quest to lose weight. I was attracted to this blog not because the author wanted other bloggers to comment on their journey to weight loss, but also because she is single, recently divorced, and seemed to be very determined to see her goals through to fruition. I have been through the aspects of divorce, dating, all while trying to deal with my own self-acceptance and being overweight. Divorce is one of those things that takes all of your self-confidence and dashes against the cliffs! You actually go through the stages of grief during a divorce and you may well feel defeated and deflated. I know I felt like a failure just like I'd felt when I tried and tried to lose weight. The feelings were very similar.

I am delighted by the author's attitude toward losing weight, and being upbeat about dating, parenting, and living her life. We all have to look ahead to the new possibilities in our lives and with weight loss surgery, we have so much to look forward to on our journey. Some, more than other, adopt a positive attitude like Single Mom Says, and look their goals as attainable through work, while many choose to whine and complain about it. Single Mom Says is about taking charge of her life, and THAT is something I can really appreciate. I am taking charge of my life and how I choose to lose weight... even if I'm NOT single.

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