January 5, 2011

Obesity Surgery for the Masses

Many bloggers posted links to articles in early December of 2010 about the FDA's purported approval of lap-band surgery for other people besides the "morbidly obese".  Is this decision based upon wanting Americans to seek this alternative as a road to good health, or has this become "good business".  I ask this question because the New York Times had their article in the Business section and not in the health section, and with the approval of the new guidelines for patients seeking this type of surgery, Allergan, the maker of one of the lap-band products, stands to make millions.

Lap banding or WLS will be more accessible to people you say, but will these people have the same requirements on their road to surgery as most of us who had to go the traditional route? The question is, would someone only needing to lose 50lbs have to meet the same requirements for psych evaluations, nutritional evaluations, pulmonary testing and sleep studies, WLS seminars, and other testing required to meet the criteria for being accepted.  Or because of the FDA's pending approval, will those people just sign up and get the surgery.

I tell people that while this was a choice for me, it was a drastic choice that I discussed with my doctors and family.  I weighed the pros and cons of this surgery because it is, for me, life altering.  I had health issues that I was dealing with including arthritis and high blood pressure, and it had begun to take a tole on my body where I was having difficulty doing any type of exercise.  On top of that, I was battling depression because I had a lack of interest in doing anything.  For me, WLS was a last resort.  My question for those people with a significantly less amount of weight to loose, is WLS truly a last resort for you?  I think everyone even remotely close to the idea of weight loss surgery has to go over this question in their mind and come to a realization.  Only then can you truly make the right decision.

Just my two cents.  I'm not a doctor, and although I am NUTTY, I'm not a "Nut".  I'm Faith and I write a blog about my point of view of weight loss surgery.  I had my VSG or "Sleeve" done on 9/27/2010. My body and my life were altered on that day, and while I'm down 65lbs, I have to let everyone know that my decision is not reversible.  The choice I made was for my health and my family and I have no buyer's remorse.

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