January 8, 2011

Multo Benne

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Last night, I took the coupon from Sunday's paper for Olive Garden and went out with my family. Olive Garden is advertising a new special called the Shrimp Brodetto. The dish is a very WLS-friendly and tasty nonetheless. The dish is chocked full of shrimp and scallops and there is a nice filet of tilapia. The seafood is presented in a soup-like manner with white wine, marinara, and a hint of safron. The soup is topped off with two homemade croutons of italian bread.This was my first visit to Olive Garden since surgery, so it was hard to just stare at everyone eating the breadsticks and salad. Everyone always clamors, "you can have a little salad!" They don't realize if I eat the salad, I can't eat anything else. I think people say things like that to make themselves feel better about what they are eating.

So the dish is served in a tourene nice and hot from the kitchen. It smelled great and was simple and tasty. No pasta in this dish so no worries about your pouch! I left the croutons on the side and ate only a fraction of the soup; I still have 3 meals I can make from my leftovers. I was very pleased with my choice

If you're in the mood for some Italian food without all of the carbs, try the Brodetto at the Olive Garden. I give 3 stars!
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