January 21, 2011

Binge Eating - When Do the Urges Stop

The great Ms. O gave CNN an interview about her overeating and even binge eating when she was really stressed out.  Here is the link.  She even admitted to eating 30 lbs of mac and cheese!!! I frown my nose at this now, but I know I have done some Haagen Das damage in my time. I think binge eating is something that has to be discussed in the WLS area because many of us reach these unhealthy weights due to stress factors and binge-eating!

One thing I think many of us expect to go away are the cravings we once had for certain foods, or even the desire to eat.  With procedures such as the sleeve, I have to warn you that the cravings don't go away.  I still get cravings for sweets and chocolate all of the time.  I have had to spend a lot of time teaching myself my triggers for overeating and not eating when I'm bored or stressed.

The discussion of binge eating has not been popular in the WLS forums and in my opinion it is something that we need to start discussing.  We have to support each other and help one another with this new way of life by giving positive feedback, guidance to seek out healthcare professionals, and even advice to seek out mental health professionals.  So many of us live in the shadows or on the fringes with this illness in particular, but we as a group of supportive WLS'ers have to bring binge eating into the forefront, so it can be undertaken as another serious issue we must be aware of when thinking about having surgery, and being successful post-op.

Thoughts?  Please post 'em if you've got 'em.  Ya'll (yes, I said ya'll) have been very quiet lately.  Please "weigh in"!