December 1, 2010

Don't Eat the Scraps

I have realized in the past few weeks how much negative self-talk I have to eliminate from my life -- it's just a bunch of "chatter" going on in my head. The first is "don't waste food". While sitting with my son while he was eating lunch today that I was picking at his pizza crust. I didn't need the pizza crust. It definitely didn't feel good in my "Joey pouch", but I kept thinking, "don't waste food."

Being newly post-op there are many things I face every day that tend to undermine and defeat my weight loss success. But I realize it is up to me to fix the "self-talk" in my head and overcome my past beliefs. I think I probably will not sit with my kids as they eat since that seems to trigger my desire to "pick". It's so hard to see other people eating the foods I used to love, knowing that I shouldn't eat it and that it's not good for my pouch/sleeve.

Another thing I could do if I decide to sit with my son while he is eating is to make sure I have something to drink or some type of alternative. Preparation is always key to the WLS patient post-op. I could cut up some fruit, or have a cheese stick. Today I will commit to do something other than pick off of my son's plate. I take responsibility for my actions and provide myself an environment that is conducive to my weight loss, today!

Book Banning and Other Attacks on Our Freedom of Speech

Well readers, I have always been very passionate about reading, books, and free speech. I believe that reading is knowledge and knowledge is power, but what comes with power is responsibility.  I came across this article on Book Banning on USA and it just amazes me that through all we have sustained as a nation, the banning of books still remains a prevalent practice in our society.

Novels, classics, non-fiction, and even dictionaries are printed every day for our use and as an exercise of our first amendment right to the freedom of speech. Our founding fathers came to this country to escape religious persecution and to obtain freedom from oppression, but many people in this country do not learn from history and attempt to make everyone conform to their so called, "conservative moral values".  If we don't learn from our history we are destined to repeat it.  If you don't want your kids to read certain books, then don't allow it.  Don't attempt to repeal the rights of all americans because you don't agree with one person's opinion in a book; don't read it!

I'm stepping off my soapbox now.  Please read the story and let me know what you think. Book banning = racism.  Book banning = inequality.  Book banning = religious oppression. Book banning = sexual discrimination. 

November 30, 2010

How I Did on Thanksgiving

I've been reading a lot of posts about people eating their Thanksgiving dinner, and I have to add that I didn't make a big deal about dinner this year. I did feel bad for my family for a few minutes, and I told them I felt bad, but they were OK with it.

I had a slice of turkey, a tablespoon of green beans, a tablespoon of dressing, and scalloped potatoes. The turkey was good -- honey baked -- 'nuff said! Everything else was just okay. I ate the greenbeans, and left the other food alone. Overall I was satisfied with what I'd eaten -- not too much food, chewed to death, and paused between bites. I am still amazed by the portion size, though. I think back on what I'd consumed at Thanksgiving dinners in the past, and I really get turned off. That is something I'm going to have to work on. I have to have forgiveness for myself for the past, the present, and the future.