November 8, 2010

My First Post Op Recipe

I'm getting tired of omelets, frittatas, and yogurt, and I figured it was high time to start making a little solid food for myself, so I made some slow-cooker chili yesterday.  I used 2lbs of ground chuck, and sauteed some onions with it.  I drained every ounce of fat off of it that I could, and then added it to the slow cooker.  I added a can of mild rotel, an 8oz can of tomato sauce, two 8 oz cans of water, a can of pinto beans, a can of pink kidney beansand chili seasonings.  I used a chili mix and doctored it up.  I cooked my chili concoction on low all day until the house was smelling something guuud!  

I tasted my chili and it was just okay.  The meat and beans were nice and soft, but I was missing that chili "flavor".  I always cook with different spices so I looked in my cabinet for my handy dandy cumin grinder, which to my dismay was empty!  "Oh no!!!", I thought.  I found some more chili powder, but it just didn't give it that flavor that any well meaning and good tasting chili has.  Always remember to have some extra Cumin on hand when your making your chili!  I let it simmer another hour, and then dished some up for myself.  I added a dollop of Fage yogurt, and it was ready-to-eat!  It was pretty good, and went down really well, which really helped me out since my "Joey" pouch has been a little sensitive of late.

I definitely have to learn how to break my recipes into smaller portions though because since I am used to cooking for any army, I have a lot of leftovers and folks at my house don't always snap up the leftovers the way that I think they should.  I guess I have to make friends with some of the neighbors kids -- maybe they like chili??  

My next venture will be beef stew in my slow cooker or may a beef curry that's not spicy.  I'll let you know.  Try out a new recipe for your new little pouch and let me know what you come up with!