December 15, 2010

The Sweetest Taboo

Sade crooned about it. The holidays are full of it. I was hoping and praying, for that matter, that after my weight loss surgery, I would have a diminished desire for sweets. The craving for sweets hasn't decreased for me one iota. I really have a hard time during menstruation when the cravings hit their peak! I can kind of overcome the urges by sucking on a couple of Popsicles, but oh boy do I miss chocolate and Starbucks! My daily dose of Click! protein Mocha with Carnation Instant Breakfast comes pretty close to Starbucks, but alas, it's just not same.

Some days I don't think about the sweets, but then other days get really rough. I am hoping that this sensation will subside after a few months so I won't continue to fiend for sweets like an addict. Oh, the sweets!

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