December 29, 2010


We all make promises to ourselves this time of year when it is popular to think about all the food you ate for the holidays, all of the booze you drank, the cigarettes (or whatever) you smoked because of guilt you felt afterwards. We make promises to lose weight, stop smoking, and be better people. Every year we set ourselves up for huge failure, and it doesn't make use better people. I include myself in this universal "we". I have made many, many "resolutions" to do better and be better. Yet, I often feel like I let myself down. The trouble is that I used standards of excellence created by other people that were never really intended to fit into my world -- no matter how hard I tried to "fit in".
I have goals that I want to reach financially and emotionally this year, but I'm not going to create a laundry list to check off where I feel like I have to have achieved each and every thing before actually progressing to the next thing.  I took the first step of my journey for permanent weight loss in March of last year, and I plan to continue that path, albeit slow and steady.  I have added exercise to tone muscle and burn fat, and to help me look better.  I'm not going to make any other promises except to keep at it and keep trying because I get frustrated easily, so I know that if I make some huge goal, I'll end up regretting it later.  It's like a weight loss "one night stand"! 

Instead of resolutions, my suggestion is to create small milestones.  Any milestone that you are able to achieve quickly allows you to feel success and propels you to do more.  Just like chewing my food, I'm going to take this weight loss journey one bite at a time, slowly, steadily (chew, chew, chew) until I reach a milestone.  Once I reach one milestone, I'll set another, but not until that time.  I choose the path of the Turtle in the "Tortoise and the Hare" as "slow and steady wins the race!"

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