December 20, 2010

My Incredible Talking Pouch!

Since my weight loss surgery in September, I have experienced stomach rumblings you would not believe! Pangs, growling, barking, and howling are not only things my dog does on a regular basis -- my pouch now does all of these feats as well! My doctor explained to me that since the surgery, my stomach sits higher in my chest and the gastric juices have less space in which to splosh around. I am subject to more stomach acid, burning, and general discomfort. I have a standing prescription for Nexium until the surgeon can clear me and my persnickety pouch of any post-op problems.

While I can eat some of the foods that I previously couldn't post-op, I still have trouble and have considerable discomfort due to the stomach acid. Over the past few days, I've been feeling like there is a rock sitting in bottom of my stomach. That accompanied by the "hunger" pangs I get quiet often make for a very bad feeling. Sitting with my daughter yesterday, she could hear my stomach moaning. She asked me, "is that your stomach making all of that noise?" I replied yes and grimaced as a wave of pain hit the pit of my stomach after the growling.

Even as I write this post, my pouch wants to make sure that I am adding its perspective on the whole issue. For the last 15 minutes, my pouch has churned, and thortled, tossed, and turned, growling at me to provide some relief. I popped a couple of tums, but I am on my way to pick my Nexium from the pharmacy in the next few minutes. I just want to relieve my ever-talking pouch and maybe it will quiet dear Joey long enough to be at peace for a few hours -- or at least until it decides it has an opinion on dinner or even something in the news!

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