December 10, 2010

More Sabotage from Unexpected Sources

I meant to tell you that since I've been on food restriction that I've found that my own family appears to be the biggest culprit in sabotaging my efforts to be diligent to my weight loss efforts. I didn't cook for Thanksgiving, but it was really hard when my mother went to a friend's for dinner, and then brought back plates of food. Mind you, she watches her weight, and she didn't eat the food, but she kept asking me if I wanted some or she would say, "you can have a little." I find that so frustrating! Why do people in my own household want to undo the good that I am putting into place? Does anyone else experience that?

So last night, I was asked if I was going to do a big Christmas dinner -- "you know where we could have a little of this and that". I explained that "a little of this and that" turns into a lot of everything like rice and potato salad, etc. My mom then said, "but we won't have any rice... we're having macaroni and cheese!" I was like, "see, that's what I'm talking about!" They see I am trying to loose weight and are just so not bothered by that fact. Argh! That irratates me! Anyone get that from home?

1 comment:

  1. hang in there doll and keep your eyes on the prize! i finally had to make the decision to permanently sever some friendships because they were just too poisonous to my pending wls. granted you can't cut familial ties but maybe you can distance yourself a bit?
    you will succeed!