December 16, 2010

I Can Feel It Hangin' in My Pouch Tonight (tune by Genesis)

I'm now 2 1/2 months post-op now. I have lost 60lbs since I began my journey, but 50lbs lost just from surgery alone. I wanted to let the readers know about how I feel since my surgery. Remember, this experience is different for everyone so this is certainly my point of view.

First, even though I'm working out when I can, my muscles still feel like mush. I have always had very toned legs and calf muscles, but they have just turned to mush melon since surgery. I'm going to go and look for a nice looking super hero cape because my arms have developed the dreaded, "batwings", from the loose skin. There is also loose skin on my thighs and I NEVER thought I would see loose skin there.

I mentioned earlier this week that I have been able to eat more solids, but I still get really full really fast, and sometimes the food just sits in the top of my pouch, or the bottom of my throat (depending on your point of view). If I didn't chew my food well enough, or if I took one too many fork-fulls that meal will be on its way back up the pouch. "Joey" must be comfortable and if he's over full, he's not a happy camper and the food is going back from whence it came!

I still struggle with getting in all of my protein. I can pretty much choke down one protein shake for day for my morning meal, but because they are so sickly sweet tasting (albeit sugar free), I just can't stomach two shakes. The vitamins are also another sticky point for me -- they taste god awful, and they are hard to swallow. My other medications are hard to take as well. I'll be glad to be off of all of my medication for High Blood Pressure and asthma soon! I have to make sure I don't take any of the vitamins or meds on an empty stomach. I have to make sure I take my Nexium before my morning meal, and before the medication/vitamins. It is very regimented. If I forget one thing, I will usually wait until the next day to catch up. It is not the optimal solution, but it is the only way I can tolerate the medications otherwise, it's reflux city.

On my buddy's, Nikki, blog, she mentions how tired she is. I have to concur with that. When I first got out of the hospital, I had loads of energy, and know I just feel run down. Maybe it is a the lack of vitamins? I just feel tired all of the time. Other than that, I still feel pretty well. The compliments are coming and I'm enjoying the attention!

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