December 1, 2010

Don't Eat the Scraps

I have realized in the past few weeks how much negative self-talk I have to eliminate from my life -- it's just a bunch of "chatter" going on in my head. The first is "don't waste food". While sitting with my son while he was eating lunch today that I was picking at his pizza crust. I didn't need the pizza crust. It definitely didn't feel good in my "Joey pouch", but I kept thinking, "don't waste food."

Being newly post-op there are many things I face every day that tend to undermine and defeat my weight loss success. But I realize it is up to me to fix the "self-talk" in my head and overcome my past beliefs. I think I probably will not sit with my kids as they eat since that seems to trigger my desire to "pick". It's so hard to see other people eating the foods I used to love, knowing that I shouldn't eat it and that it's not good for my pouch/sleeve.

Another thing I could do if I decide to sit with my son while he is eating is to make sure I have something to drink or some type of alternative. Preparation is always key to the WLS patient post-op. I could cut up some fruit, or have a cheese stick. Today I will commit to do something other than pick off of my son's plate. I take responsibility for my actions and provide myself an environment that is conducive to my weight loss, today!

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  1. Good job at realizing that only YOU can make YOU successful.