November 14, 2010

My Get Together or Cooking for Others after Weight Loss Surgery

I do a lot of couponing, and receive quite a few free offers from various sponsors in exchange for a review.  Sometime before my surgery, I was chosen by Pillsbury to take part in one of their "My Get Together" house parties.  The company provides you with recipes, coupons, and other compensation and you invite your friends, tidy up your place, and create some of the really simple recipes recommended for the party.

I always enjoy entertaining and even though I had had my surgery, I didn't want my VSG to be the reason for me to not have my friends and family over for a visit.  It was also an excellent pre-cursor to the Holiday eating festivals.  I made four different appetizers from the recipes sent by Pillsbury.  I only had a few people join us for the get together, but to me, it was very intimate.  At first, I thought I would be missing out on the food, but that was just my old persona trying to guilt me into eating the wrong thing.  I sampled some cheese and sipped some coffee.  My guests didn't really even noticed that I wasn't partaking of the fare; we were too busy laughing and talking.

Overall, I think it was a good experience for me.  I think for a post-op WLS patient to be successful, you do have to plan your choices, but also have enough of a variety where you're not depriving yourself.  It's helpful to find new ways to prepare your favorite recipes.  I'm actively looking for new recipes and new twists on my Thanksgiving favorites.  I would love to find a new way to make a nice and light sweet potato souffle.  If you have any recipes, please post them.  I'll try to find some and post them as well.


  1. eggface might - she seems to make everything!!!

  2. I'm an avid couponer too and had a Hamburger Helper get together. I'm not much of a fan of that product but I did a good job just enjoying the company! I really enjoy your blog BTW!