November 17, 2010

Mayo Clinic Weighs in on Childhood Obesity

This is an excellent article on childhood obesity.

We do have to remember that changing behavior patterns start at home. We must be able to recognize our own ability to control behavior in order to pass good habits on to our children.  I will always remember my daughter telling me the reason she doesn't like to exercise is because she never saw me doing it.  That hit me pretty hard because I thought back to my own childhood and I never saw my mother exercising either, but she was always on my back to loose weight.  How could I lose weight when I had no one to model the tools needed for me to be successful?  

I feel like I am making important steps to become more active by incorporating exercise in my routine, eating small portions (of course), and making sure my kids are introduced to vegetables and whole grains at every meal.  These are small things that I am doing, but once I make them a habit, my kids will have this as a way of life.

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