November 17, 2010

3 New Weight Loss Drugs -- Yet Another Magic Pill added this story over the summer --

While I think the thought behind these drugs is admirable, I don't believe in "magic" pills.  Diet drugs can be addictive, and in the past, have been downright dangerous; Redux and Meridia come to mind.

"The prospects for new drugs leads to the false notion among patients, health-care professionals, and policy makers that a 'magic pill' that will solve the problem is just around the corner," says Rao. "I think this distracts our society from more realistic and rational alternatives, such as policies to better educate consumers about the caloric contents of foods [and] to limit the advertising of unhealthy foods to children."

Those of us who have been this route and have seen the lack of success know that these results in most cases are short-term and diet drugs aren't for everyone. 

Weigh in on this "weighty" subject and let me know your feedback!

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