October 11, 2010

Searching for New Recipes for Mushy Foods and Protein

So my quest this week is to find new ways to enjoy my protein drinks, and also to try different foods for the "blenderized meal plan" that I get to partake of for the next two weeks.   

I made some killer okra and tomato soup with chicken legs over the weekend.  I took three tablespoons of that and another tablespoon of chicken broth and blended it with my hand mixer and had that for my mushy lunch.  It was tasty!!!  I love okra!

My protein tends to be a little bland and I would love to have a way to dress it up, and disguise the taste a little.  Some of the members of the Thinnertimesforum.com recommended International Coffees (Sugar Free of course, and then decaf) to mix with protein for a delicious drink.  I'll be trying that tomorrow and I'll let you know what I think.  I also bought some Chai tea so I'll be trying that with my vanilla Max Protein to see if that is a good fit. I can't wait to try more new things, too.


  1. warm the milk for a (sugar free) carnation instant breakfast...tastes like a hot cocoa-
    but i actually had very little interest in food-
    about that first salad? try new foods, and especially new food textures IN PRIVATE- ask me about my first salad..

  2. that previous comment was from you huge fan...Jessica MacDuffie '81 ;-)